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for Christmas!


Singing Sandra told us about the richness of Paramin! So we’re heading to the hills …. for a true Trini Christmas to celebrate.


Thursday 21st December, 2023

1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Tour of Paramin, Christmas Food - All-inclusive

Watch ham baking in a pitch oil pan!

Live Parang band

Family-friendly event, Secured parking

Patriotic TT RedWhite Swoosh
Divali tour Patriotic T&T


Thur 21st Dec

from 1 pm


Meeting point – Uptown, Port of Spain

We head to Paramin and return from a convenient spot in Port of Spain, where secured parking is made available.

(Exact location will be sent when booked).

Details & Itinerary

Immerse yourself in the magic that is the village of Paramin, as we explore the traditions of a true Trini Christmas. Join us for an unforgettable experience where we:

  • EXPLORE: the scenic hills of Paramin and roam their picturesque landscape.
  • ENGAGE: with special vendors throughout the community as they greet you the Paraminian way
  • DISCOVER: the rich history and cultural traditions that define the essence of Trini Christmas.
  • EXPERIENCE: the age-old tradition of ham boiling in a pitch oil pan while sipping on the refreshing taste of sorrel
  • CELEBRATE: the rhythm and joy of Christmas with a live parang band performance, dancing and celebrating in the festive atmosphere

Come go, to “Paramin, for Christmas” with us at Patriotic T&T!

An all-incluvise experience! What's included:
  1. Experienced tour guides
  2. Wine sampling
  3. Access to ham boiling location
  4. Christmas goodies – ham, pastelle, sorrel,
  5. Transportation (from a central pick-up point)
  6. Tour Security
  7. Materials for all activities (deya lighting, etc.)

Optional parts of this experience: Walk through a village to see the home displays: You are welcome to stay at our dining venue and engage in other activities if you desire not to walk.

Health & Safety (COVID Protocols)
Your safety is our priority! As an ethical experience operator, we have a responsibility to ensure that we are not adding additional and avoidable strain to any country’s healthcare system and/or any participant’s life. Our highest priority is the health and safety of our guests, crew and local communities. As such, we request that during the in-transit parts of our journey, where guests are in close proximity to others, a mask be worn (although not mandatory). We are committed to taking the best precautionary measures during this time while this virus is still present. All elements of this experience are briefed with our protocols and our vehicles would be frequently cleaned during stops along the way.
Booking & Cancellation

Bookings are only finalised upon receipt of payment. If you require any additional means of payment than facilitated on our website (credit/debit cards), please reach out to us via email at or phone at 784-5269.

Cancellation policy: Full refund:  One week to event (14th Dec)

Partial refund:      7 – 4 days to event (15th – 18th)

No refund:             2 days to event (19th Dec)

Special note:          Please note if this tour has to be cancelled due to an “act of God”, you will be fully refunded.



This experience provides a traditional Christmas meal of ham and homemade bread, pastelles and drinks. Vegetarian options are available and your serving is based on your preferences.


Some parts of this experience are not suitable for mobility-restricted guests, however, we are able to accommodate some requests and guide accordingly. For any enquiries or special requests, please feel free to reach out to our Experience Support Team at 784-5269.

Why Patriotic T&T

Authentic Trinbago!

Authentic Trinbago!


We connect you with local people and communities … truly living Trinbago. Our elements are sought from those we dub T&T Culture Keepers – people upholding traditions passed on through generations. We ensure the knowledge passed on is true, meaningful and indigenous.



Our offerings are not tours, but experiences! It is immersive and participatory. We seek to get dirty and learn through doing. Generally, Trinidad and Tobago’s culture is not an observatory one, and so we maintain our elements to be the same.
Support Local!

Support Local!


Each element of our experiences are hand-chosen for the Made in Trinidad and Tobago brand. We are committed to creating an ecosystem of businesses to boost our economy and the lives of Trinbagonians. Our products, services and people are of high-quality and we continue to highlight and emphasise that.

Responsible Tourism!

Our commitment to responsible tourism:

People: We desire to experience and share in the authentic cultures of our communities. We believe with knowledge; we gain and promote an understanding and respect for others.

Local communities: Our experiences are based on community tourism which supports the businesses and efforts of locals. Besides this use contributing to a more authentic experience, it ensures money stays in and powers the local economy.

Environment: We seek to provide and maintain as many eco-friendly options within our offerings as possible. Decisions to do chartered transport from a central location help with our environmental impact. Our environmental policies and practices include not taking anything that doesn’t belong to us (natural items, photos) and leaving nothing behind (garbage).

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